Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nano Update

I finished The Second Generation! I posted my progress at this post.

For the second half of November, I'm going to be editing The Stones of Cilean. I have an 80K draft currently, and I'm working on a new beginning that ties together the story a bit better. Right now, I'm about 20K through. Wish me luck with the rest!

I am so still taking advantage of those Nanowrimo write-ins here in Salem. Having only lived in Pendleton before and met only one gal through Nanowrimo, it's so great to write with an entire group of novelists! Salem's regional people are really fun, too. Check out the continual story we wrote last Saturday here: Each person wrote one sentence, but you were only allowed to read the previous sentence, so it made one crazy story! And last Saturday, during a 10-minute word war, one girl wrote 1,700 words! In 10 minutes! Craziness, I tell you.

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