Author Interviews

Interviews I've done:
Judi Coltman (Humor, Suspense/Thriller)

Stuart Jaffe (Apocalyptic Fantasy and SciFi)

Parrisha Martelly (YA Fantasy)

Sara Jo Easton (Fantasy)

CR Deams (SciFi and Fantasy)

Jack Blaine (SciFi/Fantasy/Dystopian)

Cora Buhlert (Short Stories of various genres)

Adam M. Johnson (YA Historical/Fantasy)

I'll be featuring one author a week here on my blog. If you're interested, please fill out the form below. Keep in mind I'd like to interview authors who write science fiction, fantasy, short stories, YA, or any combination of these. Those authors and their books will just fit better on my blog :)

Here's the link to the form if you'd rather fill it out in its own window.

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