Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Revision Central!

I started revision on The Second Generation today! I thought I was going to run out of toner on my printer, but I figured out that Brother printers sometimes say toner is low even if it's not and found a loophole to get its maximum use. Thank you, Amazon and YouTube!

I have. . .
- My 236-page manuscript.

- My list of handy links:
Limyaael's Fantasy Rants
Holly Lisle's One-Pass Manuscript Revision Workshop
Nanowrimo's List of Writing Resources

- Three pens and two highlighters.

- A binder full of lined paper.

- My writing books.

I've already gone through chapter 13 today at the library. There are few big things I know I need to work out, and right now, I'm reading through it entirely and marking down what I need to change when I come back to the computer. Wish me luck!


  1. *whoot* Go for it! (Limayaael for the win!) You make me want to gather up my own inane scribblings and dive headfirst into editing.

    I might just do it too.

    Good luck!

  2. Ah, welcome to the land of revisions. (: We're tired, snippy and we have cake. When I printed my manuscript out, it was 500+ pages. Le sigh. Admittedly, it was 12-point double-spaced with huge margins.

    I live by Limayaael some days. My advice: invest in post-it notes. They are fabulous for making notes to go back, to add something in at a point you're not up to yet, or for putting suggestions in so you can think about it when you get up to it.