Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Edition of Passages Available

One downfall of the new electronic world of self-publishing is anyone can upload a book as soon as they find out about it. I thought Passages had been through enough editing, but a few reviews have pointed out some typos and errors.

Typos and misspellings are embarrassing, but one benefit of this new world is the ability to upload new editions immediately. So, as soon as I realized Passages had more than one stray error, I read through it again and uploaded a new edition.

Mya has now been accepted into college, not excepted. Yay! Lesson learned, and I am researching my work thoroughly and finding proofreaders for the Protectors series.

Buy the new edition on Amazon today. If you've already bought it, I'm not exactly sure how to send you the new version because Amazon doesn't make it easy to send new editions. You can contact me and I will try to send you a new one. Enjoy the new edition!

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