Sunday, February 27, 2011

Passages Available For Purchase

Passages is a collection of seven young adult short stories. Though four of them are available for free reading on Smashwords, three of them are brand new. The collection is available for only 99 cents on Smashwords and soon Kindle!

A small sample:
Moments like this, when his world revolves around him and not his brother, are rare. Mom is holding back tears, and Dad watches with pride. Friends and acquaintances he has known for years, most of them wearing matching blue gowns, gather around to give him hugs, phone numbers, and smiles. This is the last day they will step foot in this building as students.

Ethan scans the crowd for Mya, wondering if she’s seen Brian yet. He doesn’t want to see their reunion. His brother has been in Boston for his freshman year of college, and it’s been the best year of Ethan’s life. Brian’s been back two days, and Dad has already commented on Brian’s higher high school GPA and Ethan’s disappointing community college choice.

~From The Rowe Boys, the first story in the collection.

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