Sunday, July 17, 2011

Practice with Potter Makes Perfect (or at least Better)

Well, my friends, I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I went to the midnight premiere and cried and everything. I will have a book/movie comparison post very soon, but I'm kind of letting it sink in right now.

To be honest, I wasn't a big fan of the movies. They just seemed to miss so much - and I don't mean subplots and scenes they left out, because I can get over that stuff. There was just something missing. I wasn't expecting much when I went to see Deathly Hallows Part 1, but I was completely blown away. One of my biggest problems with the earlier movies was the stagnant acting of the trio, but in the Deathly Hallows movie, they've really improved. The last two movies are definitely my favorites, but I'm not sure which one I like more. I'll just have to see Part 2 again to make my decision!

Harry Potter had a huge hand in my writing. I wrote dozens - no, probably hundreds - of Harry Potter fanfiction stories. For fun, I perused through some old fanfic stories. Wow. Just wow. Look at this gem:

“What is it with jealous Weasley’s?” Hermione asked from behind a book. “When Ron saw me at the Yule Ball with Viktor, I thought he was going to explode.”

“I was not jealous!” Ron said, and rather loudly at that. He had been jealous. Ginny wasn’t a jealous type, she was fine with Kellie while everyone else in Hogwarts always asked about Kellie and Harry and their ‘relationship’ and Ginny didn’t mind if Harry went to study with Hermione, or to play Quidditch with Jennifer, but if his giggling fan club waltzed up to him in the corridors, Ginny was very quick to pull him away. Most of the time he was thankful, but sometimes he liked bragging about his last Quidditch game, or something else. Ginny was the kind of person who trusted people with time.

This was set in an Alternate Universe, where Ron and Ginny had twin cousins, Jennifer and Kellie. Huge Mary Sues, but I was in love with them. And in case you're confused, this is Harry's POV.

I'm just itching to critique my own work (Weasley's = Weasleys, and what is with that run-on sentence??) but it's in the past. I have to leave it alone so I can look back and see how much my writing has changed. I don't have a definite date, but I wrote this somewhere between 2001 to 2005. (I know that because I remember the bedroom where I wrote this whole story!)

I could post many more embarrassing excerpts, but I think I've already done enough damage. I'm grateful for JK Rowling's beautiful world. She inspired me to make my own stories, and because of her, I got so much practice. It was hard for me to start to create my own characters and my own problems. Now that I have, it's mind-boggling to think of going back to fanfiction. I actually have a few unfinished fanfiction stories and occasionally I'll try to finish them for fun, but it's really difficult. There's so much going on in my head with my other stories! And they're a lot better than what I've left behind.

For those of you who write, what kind of practice stories did you write? How have you improved in your writing?

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