Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sample Sunday: Finding Fiona

My novella (40K words) Finding Fiona has an expected released date of September 2011. Here is a small excerpt of the first chapter:


Seagulls cried above her, only small flecks in the endless blue sky. The water ebbed back and forth, splashing against the rocks where Hannah had found her four months ago.

Fiona stared down at the waves as the breeze brushed her hair over her face. She clenched her teeth, waiting for the memories to come. Maybe if she wished for it hard enough, she’d remember.

Behind her, Troy mumbled something to Hannah. Fiona tried to block him out, crossing her arms and looking across the harbor.

Nothing new. The same disconnected memories floated around in her mind, searching for meaning. Pointless things like playing in a McDonald’s play place and taking a driver’s test. She wasn’t even sure if some of the images were memories. The fire and its suffocating smoke. The two men dragging her into a van. The girl who drove a different car while Fiona bled from her stomach. After that, the first clear memory she had was the ride in Hannah’s car and the name Fiona mumbled the entire way: James.

The strange images left her with nothing. Fiona didn’t know who James was, or who the other, blurry faces belonged to. She didn’t know what had happened to her. She didn’t even know what her name was. When looking through the name book Hannah had brought her, the name Fiona had stood out, but she didn’t know why.

Hannah touched Fiona’s arm, smiling softly. “How do you feel?”

Fiona shrugged. “Fine, I guess.”

Troy walked over to them from the car. “Do you remember anything?”

“Don’t you think I would have said something if I did?” Fiona asked.

“Sorry for asking.” Troy rolled his eyes.

“Hey, you guys hungry?” Hannah said, too brightly. “Let’s go to Cafe Mecca before I have that meeting.”

They walked back to Hannah’s green Land Rover. Fiona glanced back at the harbor once more before getting in the back seat. Someone had left her here four months ago. . .who? And why?

Hannah started the engine and pulled out of her parking space. “Well, that article should run in the Boston Herald soon. Maybe someone will see it.”

“Hopefully the right people,” Troy muttered. “You know, we could still call her and ask her not to run it.”

“It’s running,” Fiona said firmly. “Maybe a family member or a friend will see it.”

“Yeah, or someone else,” Troy said.

“Wow, this conversation sounds really familiar.” She tuned out his response. She wanted the article to run.

Troy had complained about the follow-up article all day, saying it seemed like someone had been after Fiona and publicity might bring trouble. Fiona had weighed the benefits with the risks, though. If her family saw it, it might be worth the chance of someone else seeing it.


Keep watching, I'll post more next Sunday!

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