Monday, August 1, 2011

Late Sample Sunday: Finding Fiona

I drove home yesterday from across the state. We went to a friend's wedding where we used to live. I saw my family (well, most of them!), and we even visited the park where my husband and I got married!

Last night, I was sitting at home, and I thought, "Oh, tomorrow I can post another Sample Sunday!" This morning, I woke up and realized it was Monday. Not Sunday.

So, here's my Sample Monday. Another excerpt from Finding Fiona, this time from the third chapter. It's quite short this time because I don't want to give away too much of what's happening so far.


“We’re here,” James said.

Fiona looked up. They approached a cemetery with large iron gates. The grassy hills were covered with brightly colored leaves. Other visitors walked through the aisles between the tombstones or crouched by headstones. Some carried flowers. Fiona wished she had brought something.

James stopped in front of three matching tombstones. Richard Normans lay in the middle with his daughter and wife on either side of him. They all had the same date of death, and Elizabeth was born April 3rd, 1991.

Fiona had spent the last year of her life wondering if she’d had any family. Elizabeth was an only child and her parents were now dead. Fiona fought back tears. She remembered that crushing weight from her nightmares as she ran down the steps, the knowledge that something was lost. Something irreplaceable. The hopes for a teary reunion, cozy Christmas dinners, embarrassing baby photos were gone now. She had James, Hannah, an anonymous uncle, and her life to fight for.

“What were they like?” Fiona asked James. “My. . .Richard and Fiona?”

James put his hands in his pockets. “They were great. Richard was protective of you at first, but we started getting along. We’d watch these really cheesy science fiction movies, things reputable movie theatres don’t even think about showing.”

Fiona smiled. “I’ve seen a few of those this summer.”

“Your mom was great to be around, everyone loved her,” James said. “She was the most amazing cook.”

There were yellow flowers on all three tombstones. “Do they get a lot of visitors?” Fiona asked.

“A few.”

She swallowed as tears trickled down her cheeks. She wiped them away. She should have been here to help bury them. No, the fire never should have happened. If the Alarias were truly responsible, she’d never forgive them. She’d do anything she could for justice.


More excerpts to come soon. Finding Fiona is a light science fiction novella that will be published in September!

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