Friday, August 5, 2011

Passages is now free! AND a chance to win Finding Fiona

Hey, guys! My short story collection Passages is now completely free! Check it out at these different websites:
Barnes and Noble
Diesel eBook Store

To pique your interest, I have a little game! I don't know who will play because I don't know who comes around here, but I have the first sentences of all seven young adult short stories in the collection, and I have the last sentences of each short story. Try to pair them up!

I know that one for sure might be obvious, so -- if you get more three or more right, I'll send you a copy of Finding Fiona for free a week before it's published in September!

(If you get all of them right, then I'll assume you read the whole collection and loved it so much you want a chance to win Finding Fiona for free.)

Here they are!

First sentences
1. Moments like this, when his world revolves around him and not his brother, are rare. (The Rowe Boys)
2. It's hard to believe it was so long ago. (Death of the Sun)
3. She's wearing your sweatshirt. (You Remember)
4. My sister and I used to be good friends. (Melanie's Secrets)
5. Alyssa walked into the kitchen, trying to appear nonchalant. (Fettuccine Alfredo)
6. The back door slams shut, the hinges rattling. (Together)
7. Teresa hated hospitals. (The Prodigal Daughter)

Last sentences (to make it a little easier, some are more than one sentence)
A. I drove towards a new life, the sun behind me.
B. Ethan nods, then begins to follow her back to the house, where he’ll get drunk and celebrate the end of high school and make-out with another girl, Mya Daniels on his mind every moment.
C. “You and me, mom, we’ll go to Italy.”
D. “You’ll make sure we’re still together, right?” she asks, tilting her head. // “Yeah,” I tell her. “I’ll make sure.”
E. “I want to try again. And I’ll try harder this time.”
F. She's wearing your sweatshirt.
G. Amy stares at her lap, then finally meets my eyes. “Maybe I do.”

Good luck! The deadline is the night of my birthday -- August 18th at 11:59pm PST. Or when I wake up on the morning of the 19th haha! That gives you plenty of time to spread the word about the contest ;)

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