Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finding Fiona & Markets for Novellas

In writing Finding Fiona, I've discovered this is not going to be a very long story. Usually, I have a problem with dragging my stories out - I remember two Nanowrimo's where by the time I got to 50K I hadn't even started the meat of the story yet! But this story has been pretty succinct and I'm approaching the climax of the story, and I'm only at 30K words!

So, I've been doing some research about where Finding Fiona could find a home. My understanding is it's pretty hard to get a story longer than 20K published in magazines of journals and next to impossible to get a novella represented by an agent. I already have a handy little spreadsheet, but I figured if anyone else was having the same problem, I could help out.

Finding Fiona is primarily science fiction, but it has a mix of YA, mystery, and action/adventure. This list reflects those genres.

These are some of the options I have so far:
Blue Leaf Publications is a small publishing house that publishes novellas from 35K-65K words in science fiction, fantasy, speculative romance, and other 'spec fics.'
Dark Quest Books is a small publisher of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. They deal with both ebooks and print. The word count isn't specified on their guidelines.
Mundania Press publishes speculative fiction, and at the moment, they're not accepting science fiction or fantasy. They're seeking steampunk, urban fantasy, horror, and a few other genres.
WolfSinger Publications is a small publisher that primarily publishes science fiction and fantasy. Their preferred wordcount is 10K-50K, and anything less than 25K will only be for sale as an ebook.
Silverthought is an independent publisher of speculative fiction. They have both online and print divisions. For online, they will accept up to 50K, but there is only a flat fee of $50. For print, they only say "novella."
Double Dragon Publications is primarily an ebook publisher. The preferred word count is 40K-90K.
AKW Books.
BlueWood Publishing. Print and ebooks, but less than 50K will only be published as an ebook.
Champagne Books. Chiefly ebooks. Novellas should be approximately 25K.
Lillibridge Press. Seems fairly new, but this is the opposite of my "ETA" below - very professional look.
SynergEbooks. Epublishing, trade paperbacks, CD-ROMs. Word count isn't specified.
Untreed Reads Publishing. Seems to be primarily short work. Actively seeking short stories and novellas.
Write Words, Inc.. Paperback and ebooks. Word count not specified.
Writers Exchange E-Publishing. Print and ebooks. Word count not specified.

That's all I have for now. I just found this list on so I'll probably spend a little while checking that out and then come back and update this!

ETA: Looking at that list. . .maybe I'm a snob, but if your website layout is horrible or if my thirteen-year-old sister could make better ebook covers, I don't want to submit to you. There are so many I just bypassed because they look so unprofessional and I would actually be embarrassed to be published on those websites. I actually want to start my own to show people that it's not that hard.

Happy writing!

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