Monday, January 3, 2011

Goals for 2011

Happy New Year, everyone! I had a great weekend in Pendleton, where Chris and I used to live before we moved to Salem.

My writing/reading goals for 2011:

1. Read 75 books. This year, I read 49, which you can see on my Goodreads. My goal was 50, but my last week was busy, or I would have finished Great House by Nicole Krauss.

2. Get The Second Generation out to agents. Right now, it's in beta-stage (others are reading it, and I'm waiting on the feedback). I hope to have it out to agents by June.

3. Finish Finding Fiona. I want to finish this novel/novella, polish it up, and then I'll see where I want to go with it. If it ends up being a novella, I may publish it on Smashwords. If it's longer, then I'll seek traditional publication.

4. Figure out what to do with Stones of Cilean. At this point, I'm really not sure where I want to take Stones of Cilean. The major plot line needs some work, and it's hard to find beta readers for any novel. If I decide to pursue publication, I need to write the sequel.

5. Publish more short stories on Smashwords. I don't have a definite number, but I do plan on at least one a month. I think stories over 2,000 words I will sell for 99 cents. I think this'll be a good way to build up my platform. It'll also keep me writing, because if I publish only one a month, I'll be out of short stories by April.

Other goals for 2011:
1. Travel. Chris and I have tentative plans for a trip to Mexico and a trip to Europe. God willing!

2. Develop Ward's Murder Mysteries. Write more mysteries and advertise the business!

3. Set up an istockphoto account with Chris. With original photographs and old scanned photos from antique shops that are out of copyright.

4. Update All Bible everyday. A new blog of mine that goes through the bible chapter by chapter, book by book.

5. Expand my volunteering. I currently volunteer for Odyssey Hospice, but I'd like to volunteer for the Salvation Army shelter in town and the Kroc Center library. I want to do something consistent for all three of these organizations, especially if I'm going to have a lot of free time since I'm unemployed.

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