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Thursday Thirteen - Characters

I read somewhere about "Thursday Thirteen". On Thursdays, you post a list about any 13 things! Well, today, this is a list of 13 characters of mine, old and new.

Now, keep in mind. . .these aren't polished blurbs for the stories. I'm just telling you a bit about the character and what kind of situation they are (or were) in. Some of these stories are retired. Some will be published soon.

Current characters first!
1. Fiona from Finding Fiona
Fiona woke up on the harbor with burns on her arms and stab wounds in her stomach. She remembered little about her life. She was taken in by a real estate agent named Hannah. She likes cheesy science fiction and horror movies, thriller novels, and physics. In Finding Fiona, she tries to figure out what happened to her. The novella will be published next month!

2. Heath from The Second Generation
Heath is a Vara, an offspring of the humans that mutated when the Var plague swept the Earth. He and his friend are traveling to Thatcher, a refugee city for Varum where Heath grew up, when they meet Natalie and Tracey. The girls seem more trouble than help at first. When a group of Varum extremists come to Thatcher to find something that will help them secede from the nation, the four of them have to work together to keep Thatcher and its inhabitants safe. The Second Generation is currently in revisions. When it's finished, I'll send out queries for an agent. It's an awesome story. Just needs some polishing up.

3. Alexa from A Game of Illusions
Alexa wants one thing: to be queen. The tournament their island holds every seven years, however, has been won by the same tyrant king for nearly thirty years. Alexa joins the Council to help dethrone him by placing two contestants into the tournament. It's not going to be easy, though. Not with Alexa's scheming father, her romantic feelings for one of the contestants, and the king seeking out a member of the Council who has magical powers. If all goes according to plan, A Game of Illusions should be published sometime next year.

4. Anna from Aaron and Anna
When Anna was eight years old, she met a boy with whom she had a mental connection to. She could feel Aaron's feelings; she could even feed off of his knowledge--anything he knew, she also knew. They were best friends for years until a falling out involving Anna's ex-boyfriend. She endured a year of relentless bullying from her peers, but she's a resilient girl. She gets top grades, works on the yearbook staff, has a great boyfriend. When Aaron seeks to rekindle their friendship, they find out there's much more to their connection than just what's in their heads. Aaron and Anna is about halfway done, and I love it! Whenever I finish it, I will probably query for an agent.

5. Dar from Promising Light
Dar has a mysterious family and a past he likes to keep quiet. He's romantically involved with Grace until someone warns her that Dar is dangerous. Agreeing, Dar leaves the country. He soon finds out how far his family is willing to go to break the curse set on them by the Protectors. He'll do anything to keep Grace safe, but she seems determined to help his family. Promising Light is a fantasy novel that should be published this winter.

6. Laura from Magnitude
Laura is the older sister, the sensible one. Her father just died, and she and her younger sister Jessica start a road trip. Their first stop: The Grand Canyon, where their dad always wanted to take them. Magnitude was published in Literary House Review. I will probably republish it in a short story collection called Beyond Our Edges.

7. Dakota from The Seeker
Dakota is a helmsman who studied environmental science. She goes to Florida, her childhood home, to join the science team who's investigating the Bermuda Triangle. The team has adversaries also searching for the true meaning of the Triangle, but those problems dissipate when the team is transported to a parallel universe. On this island, the people want to blame Dakota and her team for trouble that's been happening in their world. The Seeker is put on hold for now, but I may bring it out again sometime in the future.

8. Jennifer from Stones of Cilean
Jennifer is a Water. In her world, people have one of six gifts: water, fire, earth, air, life, and death. She and her sister Kellie find out about the mysterious Clarnden Foundation, who seeks to dismantle the Council. They find the Stones of Cilean, which give them powers beyond their comprehension, and they soon have to flee the Clarnden Foundation to stay alive. Stones of Cilean is retired for now, but my husband and sisters really want to see it revived. We'll see!

Retired stories:
9. V from Running
V was the FBI's youngest agent. She was put on a mission to impersonate a girl named Tessa to protect her. Tessa looked exactly like V, and V soon finds out her estranged father who became a serial killed has connections to Tessa and her family. Running was one of the first stories I ever showed people in real life (as opposed to people online). I would bring new chapters to school, and my friends would read them during class. I'm sad because I have no idea where the whole story is now. It's retired mostly because I only have bits and pieces of it. It'd be fun to rewrite it if I knew where the heck it was.

10. Brian from Untitled
Brian and Melissa had a happy relationship until Brian got caught up in underground crime. A year after they've broken up, Brian comes to Melissa for help. He regrets leaving her behind, but he also wanted to keep her safe from the dangerous people he works with. He and Melissa are soon pulled into the world again when Melissa's brother goes missing. This untitled story is definitely retired. If I were to bring it out again, it would need an extensive rewrite since I knew very little about underground crime or long-term relationships when I wrote it.

11. Alex from St. Mary's Boarding School
Alex is the bookworm at the posh St. Mary's Boarding School. He's the kind of guy who takes a book to parties. He's smart, cheeky, and he just barely survives the snobs at his school. He had a crush on the new girl, Samantha, until she gave him the "just a friend" speech. In the sequel, he gradually fell for the school's queen bee, much to his chagrin. St. Mary's Boarding School, which I wrote about five years ago, is also retired. It resembles It Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar just a tad too much.

12. Lily from Altair
Lily was the General's Daughter in my 2004 Nanowrimo. Feisty with short black hair, she was kidnapped by an aide of the king, but I honestly don't remember why. She must have been a threat or something. She was part of a prophecy about four people destined to save the world. Altair is very, VERY retired. It is never seeing the light of day again.

13. Todd from Todd's Videos
Todd was a creative guy obsessed with his video camera. He videotaped everything: his girlfriend Valerie and their relationship, his family's ups and downs, his mission trip to Sudan. He was passionate and loving. When he's killed in Sudan, his girlfriend Valerie pours over his videos for his mom. I started Todd's Videos in 2005, but I don't think I'll ever finish it.

There you have it. Probably way more than you wanted to know about my characters!

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