Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Thirteen: My 13 Favorite Movies

When people ask me my favorite movies, it's near impossible to choose one! Or even five. I can do 13, though. For sure. I'm not a cinema buff, for sure. One year, I watched nearly 100 movies. The next year, I probably watched 30. So, in no particular order, my thirteen favorite movies:

1. Clue
Okay, this is in #1 because it probably IS my favorite movie. It is so funny, so clever, and I could watch it over and over again. Actually, that's probably not true since it's nearly two hours long and the beginning moves a little slow. But I could have it on as background noise all day. Too bad I don't have a TV anymore for "background noise." My family had a DVD, then we lost it, because we're good at that. I searched and searched for the DVD a couple years ago, and finally scored when I saw it for $5 at one of those bargain bins at the grocery store where they have all kind of bad movies. I bought two - one for me and one for my family.

2. The Goonies
This movie - I LOVE IT. Funny story, I first watched it on TV, so they bleeped out all the bad words and added in the deleted scenes. When I saw the real one, I was thinking, "Holy crap, these kids swear a lot!" and "What happened to the octopus?" My husband and I can quote this movie up and down.

3. Up
So sweet. Of all the Pixar movies, this is probably my favorite, even though I love them all. It's hilarious, and yet I cry every time. And this video is so awesome:

4. Snatch
The Goonies kids may have sworn a lot, but Snatch has probably a hundred f-words. This movie is so funny. Hm, I'm noticing that a lot of my favorite movies are comedies.

5. Indiana Jones - preferably the whole trilogy, but if I had to choose one, The Last Crusade.
This trilogy was a staple in my house, along with Clue. The second one is my least favorite. I actually like the new one. It's so campy and bad that it's good. Harrison Ford is so nice to look at, and the movie mixes action scenes with witty jokes flawlessly. Except for it's funny to look at some of the old special effects. Like when they opened the ark. That part used to freak me out!

6. Inception

I saw this movie three times in the theatre. THREE. That hasn't happened since Lord of the Rings. The second time, I actually saw it on my birthday. I just loved this movie. The story, the acting, the effects. My husband thinks it's funny how much I love this movie. BUT IT'S SO GREAT.

7. The Dark Knight
Another Christopher Nolan film. This movie is awesome, too. Obviously, or it wouldn't be on this list. It really stressed me out in the theaters. That part where the Joker gives the ships the detonators? I was sweating up a storm. (Yeah, I sweat at stressful parts in movies. . .) But anyway, great acting and special effects.

8. Moulin Rouge
I had to put a romance movie here, or I might be perceived at heartless. No, I really do love this movie. I had the soundtrack before I saw the movie, so I knew half the songs when I finally watched the movie. I was so behind on pop culture I didn't realize these songs were originally done by other artists. Like A Virgin, yes, but I think that was actually the only one. I love how they add so much passion to Roxanne by the Police.

9. Wall-E
Another Pixar movie because Pixar is awesome. Wall-E melts my heart every time.

10. The Princess Bride

And another 80s movie! (I'm sensing a theme here. . .) This couldn't NOT be on my favorites list. I actually can't believe it's an 80s movie. It's so simple, but it has so much quality. The script is hilarious, of course, and you should definitely read the book if you haven't. Hey! I wrote a book/movie comparison post about The Princess Bride here. This post consistently gets the most traffic out of my whole blog. Mostly from Google image searches.

11. Romeo & Juliet (Baz Luhrmann's 1996 version)

We had this movie on VHS when I was pretty young. I remember not understanding half of what they were actually saying, but the beauty of the movie is you get what's going on even if the words go straight over your head. Reading Romeo and Juliet gave me a whole new perspective on the movie. I love the cinematography and the acting in this movie. Good soundtrack, too.

12. Lord of the Rings - again, the whole trilogy, but if I had to choose, Fellowship of the Ring.
This trilogy. I love it. I saw Fellowship of the Ring three or four times in the theaters with my friends. Legolas as my number one man. My friends and I even wrote a story. It was like fanfiction, but we took on the roles. So Mary Sues, but not really. It was more "secret diaries" style without the dirty jokes. Everything about these movies is gold. Reading the books really gave me an appreciation for the story, too. So did this video:

13. Young Frankenstein
Another staple in my house growing up. It's funny because this one moves slowly, too, like Clue, and yet every second is enjoyable. Some of my friends just don't get why this or Clue or other old comedies are appealing. They are totally missing out.


  1. OMG! I love practically every single movie listed here AND I hardly ever can find someone that loved Romeo and Juliet...wait, you are talking about the version with Leo and Clare, right?

    And Inception, Leo did great but I was so into Joseph Gordon-Levitt. For some reason, he just seemed smoking hot in this movie. Hmmm...

  2. Yes, the Leonardo and Clare version! Maybe I should clarify that. . .

    OMG, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is so great. I can't wait for 50/50.

  3. OHMYGOODNESSLEGOLAS. Absolutely everything about the LOTR movies are gold. :)

    I'm in love with your list. Inception and The Dark Knight are on mine too, most definitely. I don't think I've ever rewatched anything as much as The Dark Knight.

    And The Princess Bride! "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." (We studied it recently in my Extension English class)

  4. I LOVE Lord of the Rings. I think it might be time to rewatch the trilogy!

    I can't wait until the Dark Night Rises!

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