Friday, December 9, 2011

Fiction Fridays: Beyond Home

I have a new short story collection coming up! It's titled Beyond Home. It should be published by the end of this month once I get the last beta readers' feedback and the last edits and proofreads in.

Here is a tentative cover. I'm still playing around with it. Just kidding! Here's the official one.

But here's a complete list of the short stories, centered around travel and transitions in life.
Magnitude — Two sisters visit The Grand Canyon after their dad dies. A short story published in Literary House Review 2010.
Song for Megan Leclare — A young woman remembers a trip with an ex while deciding whether to move to another state with her current boyfriend.
Number Six — A young man takes an impulsive trip to Hawaii with a runaway bride. 

There are only three, but it's just about the same length of Passages, about 13,000 words or around 52 pages. It'll go on sale for 99 cents the end of December. Keep your eye out -- I'll be giving away an Advanced Reader's Copy during the Holiday Hop! 


  1. Wow. The three stories sound interesting. I look forward to reading them.

  2. And let me add that the cover is gorgeous.

  3. Thanks, Julia! I look forward to putting them out =D