Thursday, December 15, 2011


Holiday Hop is a blog hop with Indie Writers Unite which runs from December 15th-25th. One lucky participant is going to win a Kindle Fire at the end of all this! So enter as many contests and sign up for as many giveaways as you can because this is an awesome deal!

You have a chance to win quite a few things! Open all ten days: the chance to win copies of Finding Fiona or Passages and my upcoming short story collection, Beyond Home.

Finding Fiona is a YA scifi novella packed with adventure, mystery, and romance. It's a perfect weekend read. Cuddle up with some hot chocolate and follow Fiona on her journey to find her past. There are a lot of samples around this blog.

Passages is a YA short story collection. Seven mainstream stories about life, love, family, and God. Bite-sized pieces of characters in a variety of situations: Halloween parties, graduations, hospitals. You can find quite a few samples around the blog.

Beyond Home is a mainstream short story collection featuring three new "new adult" short stories centering around travel and transitions. Two sisters travel to the Grand Canyon after their father dies; a young man travels to Hawaii with a runaway bride; and a young woman reminisces about a journey she took with an ex while deciding whether to move across the state with her current boyfriend.

So, how do you win a copy? Just play this little game. I have the first sentences of all seven young adult short stories in Passages, and I have the last sentences of each short story. Try to pair them up!

If you get four or more right, you'll be entered into the contest that will have three winners:
2 people will win an ebook copy of Finding Fiona or Passages via Smashwords coupon.
1 person will win an ARC of an upcoming short story collection, Beyond Home (e-mailed to you in your preferred format)

(If you get all of them right, then I'll assume you read the whole collection and loved it so much you want a chance to win Finding Fiona for free.)

Here they are!


I'll announce the winners on the 26th in a blog post, but I'll also e-mail you if you win. If you do, I will put your name in the pot for the Kindle Fire that IWU is giving away after Holiday Hop!

You can go through the list (like you're supposed to ;), but if you're interested in books similar to mine, check out:
Danielle Kazemi, who's giving away copies of her urban fantasies and science fiction novels.
R.M. Strong, the author of YA superhero novel Karis, is giving out an Amazon gift card.
Laura Eno, who's giving away copies of her YA fantasy novels. 

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