Saturday, February 4, 2012

Love, Me Release!

A first kiss, a high school prom, the county fair, a tender embrace, finding true love, and coming of age are themes weaved into the stories found in Love, Me. From established YA authors comes this sweet and telling anthology of young love. 


I'm so excited for the release of Love, Me! This is a great YA romance anthology with stories from six different authors. All proceeds of the book will go to CASA.

If you've enjoyed reading about Grace and Dar in Promising Light, you'll want to check out my story in Love, Me. The story takes place about six months before the beginning of Promising Light and shows the start of their relationship.

Here are the first couple paragraphs of my short story, A Reason to Stay.


Dar was looking at her again. Grace casually turned her gaze towards him, and he met her eyes. He smiled for a moment before glancing back at the man from Kleisade. The bearded man had been talking for what felt like hours about the damage the blizzard had done to his town. Perhaps Dar was just letting his gaze wander.

But, no, it felt like more than that. He was always looking at her, ever since he’d moved to Renaul six months ago. Then again, she was always looking at him. She couldn’t help it. He was handsome, of course, with his dark hair, his olive-colored skin. More than that, though, she was mesmerized by him. Even though he was usually the quietest in the room, something about his mannerisms, his crooked smile, his soft gestures. . .they drew her eye. 

The bearded man from Kleisade finally sat down, and the nobles around the tables exchanged whispers. 

Mother sighed and put her hand on her chest. “It’s just horrible, isn’t it?” 

Grace nodded, biting the inside of her lip. She’d been staring at Dar while everyone else was absorbed in the tragic story of Aron. “It is.” She cleared her throat. “I’ve no idea what I’d do if I lost so much.” 

Mother patted her hand. “Well, dear, our contribution will help the people of Aron.”

The attendees of the dinner had paid a hefty fee, and all the money was going to rebuild Aron. Nobles wanted a chance to prove they had the money to attend such an event—and that they cared greatly about those less fortunate than themselves, of course. 


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