Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Protectors: M for Miracle

M for Miracle
Dar tries to convince the elders to let him take Grace back home. 

“There are not enough of us to defeat the Protectors in another battle,” Dar said. “We lost nine people last time, and you were foolish enough to kidnap her at the height of the prince’s affection for her.” 

Nilee cast a glare at Lisbeth. “We didn’t know about her courtship to the prince.”

“It was not publicly declared, and his carriages are magically fortified to keep us out,” Dar said. “But you should have been more careful.” 

“But why did you tell him you’d bring her to him?” Jeshro stood. “Don’t you realize she could save this whole family?”

~Promising Light, book one of the series

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