Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Intangible by J. Meyers

Intangible by J. Meyers

Kindle edition, copy from the author. 

I think it’s kind of odd that people are biased against self-published works. Recently, I’ve been more an more inclined toward self-published works. Well, I’ll be honest that 99% of the self-published works I’ve read have been in the Young Adult genre. Solstice by PJ Hoover and The Talent Chronicles by Susan Bischoff were awesome reads with enjoyable characters and interesting plots, and Intangible has joined the ranks of my favorite YA reads.

I was lucky enough to receive this book pre-release from the author. I found a companion short story called Intuition that takes place before Intangible, maybe by a couple weeks or months. You can read it here for free.

This book starts off with Luke as he has a vision of his twin sister Sera’s death. He’s had visions all his life and he’s never been able to change the outcome of these visions. His sister, Sera, has the ability to heal people, but there’s no way to heal herself.

This book starts off with mystery and fantasy and quickly incorporates drama and romance. The author weaves in various narratives from interesting characters. The twins, Luke and Sera; Marc who’s gotten himself into some trouble; a powerful vampire named Jonas. I found myself rooting for and enjoying each character, even those who were more ambivalent than others. Towards the middle, I may have gotten a little impatient, eager to see how Luke’s vision would play out, but the pacing was pretty spot on. 

I enjoyed the romance in the story. Marc and Sera had a good thing going on, even with their ups and downs. But I would really like some more Luke and Fey! I’d just like some more Luke in general. 

The ending was awesome -- the climax wasn’t resolved too quick. Just when you think it’s solved, something happens again. The author plans for a sequel, and I’m really excited! I want to see these characters again and I’m eager to see who else she pulls along for the ride. This was a great read, so check it out!

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