Sunday, March 4, 2012

Announcing the release of Shifting Light!

The first prequel novella for The Protectors series is now available!

When a new boy moves to town, Sashe realizes how suddenly her life is about to change. Though non-magic themselves, she and her sister have grown up with shape changers, and now a deadly foe is out to banish the shape changing magic from the country. The Protectors have the ear of the king and they've cast a curse on the shape changers designed to slowly kill them off.

Sashe is forced to consider her survival when a friend of hers is killed because her father refused to help the Protectors. She's slowly falling for the new boy, but she must choose whether she and her sister can stay with the shape changers with their dangerous future. Should they decide to stay, how will they protect themselves against such powerful enemies?

First novella (nearly 22,000 words or 75 pages) in the Protectors prequels. Set ten years before Promising Light and two years before Fire and Light.

Currently available on Amazon for $1.99.

If you haven't read Promising Light, you can read the prequel novellas first. The next prequel novellas, Fire and Light and The End of Light, will be available before the end of March. I recommending reading all three before Promising Light, or reading Promising Light first. If you read Shifting Light, then jump ahead to Promising Light, you'll be spoiled about the events in the other two novellas and the sudden shift in time may be jarring (Promising Light is ten years later, but together the novellas elapse over eight years). Of course, you're the reader, so you can choose!

So, if you've liked any of the excerpts across the blog or if the synopsis snags your eye, please check out Shifting Light for only $1.99.

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