Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Protectors: O for Outstanding

O for Outstanding
Grace and Prince William meet Childress, the owner of Childress' Traveling Circus. 

Childress paused. “Perhaps I can give you a short tour, introduce you to some of the performers. Everyone’s busy packing up, but I’m sure they wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to meet the prince.” He looked at Grace. “And his lovely escort.”

“Lady Grace,” Grace said, curtsying. 

“And you enjoyed yourself?”

“Oh, yes, it was wonderful!” 

“Well, follow me. I’m sure we can find some of those performers around here.” Childress led them into the activity of the crew and took them first to the snake charmer. He did a trick for them with his boa constrictor, and Grace positioned herself behind William warily. 

Childress found the acrobats lounging and smoking by the stables. They seemed impossibly thin and graceful even with the pipes and smell of tobacco lingering in the air. 

~Promising Light, Book One of the series

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