Friday, June 8, 2012

Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn

Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn
Published 2011, Kindle edition.

I liked this book, but something it keeping me from giving it 4 stars. The premise is very cool. In a future America, everyone can read minds and communicate with one another through a kind of mindspeak. Except for our main character Kira. She hasn't gone through the change yet, making her a zero and a social outcast. When she meets a mysterious boy named Simon, though, she finds out she's actually a jacker and she can control people through their minds, and she's not alone. . .

The writing is crisp and clear, and the story interesting. The second half is full of twists and turns and revelations. i think where the book was lacking, though, was in characterization. The story/plot itself was cool, but Kira, Simon, Raf -- they felt more two-dimensional than full-fledged characters. 

Kira does go through a lot and she's the most fully-fleshed character, but still I couldn't get a gull grasp on her. She was very determined and pretty badass towards the end, but when I try to picture Kira in the real world or another context, I can't. I'm not 100% what makes her tick, what she would be like if she weren't in danger all the time. 

That aside, like I said, this was a very neat read. Great world building, very cool science fiction, and some awesome action!

Cover thoughts: I love it. The hand and the eyes work together for a great composition!

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