Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Writing Prompt: Fantasy Art

You are so lucky. I've decided to post prompts every Friday AND Tuesday. These writing prompts should help get your creative juices flowing and battle writer's block. Find new ideas or add to your existing stories!

This week, I've decided to feature some fantasy art. I have attributed the proper artist and I expect you to do the same if you repost this photo anywhere. This is their very hard work and they deserve to be credited for such talent! Click through for the listing on deviantart if you want to comment or support them.

Use these photos to spur on a story. Ask yourself: who is this person? What are they going through? How did they come to the point in the picture? What's happening?

CREDIT: Jessica at Enchanted Whispers

CREDIT: Lienwyn

CREDIT: burari

CREDIT: michalivan


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