Friday, June 22, 2012

Writing Prompt: Last Sentences

Hey, everyone! I know there are tons of writing prompts all over the internet, but sometimes we still need some creativity boosts. Writer's block can get in the way, we can be pressed for time or creativity. So here's the start of a regular feature on the blog where I'll post prompts to get your creative juices flowing!

This week, I thought it would be neat to do last sentences instead of first sentences. See if you can incorporate these last sentences into your next short story, novella, or even novel!

1. Things hadn’t changed at all.

2. Rebecca dropped the key into the river and watched as it disappeared in the rushing, frantic water.

3. Sometimes, she still wondered if he thought about her.

4. That was the last time he saw her.

5. I never made that mistake again.

6. We got lost.

7. We visited him in prison as often as we could until he died of a heart attack two years before his release date.

8. She whistled as she walked away from me forever.

9. He was too tall, anyway.

10. I could never fix the thermostat after that.

11. That concert was the best night of my life.

12. I almost picked up her crutch and bashed her across the skull with it, but somehow, I refrained.

13. The shock of electricity reminded me I was still alive, still vulnerable, still susceptible to hurt, even death.

14. He looked at her like she’d said something novel, like he’d never heard such a wonderful thing.

15. The scars never truly went away.

16. “Oh, sure, right after I invent the Internet.”

17. We decided to go to the 1920s in Paris.

18. Nothing could keep them apart, no matter how much they hated each other.

19. The stars were bright that night, almost blinding.

20. And finally, somehow, she fell asleep.

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  1. Great sentences! I'm going to think about

    10. I could never fix the thermostat after that.