Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Protectors: B for Benefit

B for Benefit
When I read benefit, I thought of a benefit dinner. Or a charity dinner where Grace and Dar first confessed their attraction to each other.

The moment reminded her of when they’d first shown interest in each other. He was courting Rebekah, of course, but it seemed like half the time Grace snuck a glance at Dar, he was already looking at her. The other half, he would meet her eyes after a moment, and she’d look away hurriedly, blushing. 

He cornered her after the king’s charity dinner for the blizzard in Kleisade, and he asked her what about him was so interesting. She said she’d answer his question as soon as he told her why he stared at her just as often. He only paused for a moment before telling her it was because she was one of the most beautiful women in the room. Then she had to answer his, telling him he’d always intrigued her. She smiled as she thought back to it. 

~Promising Light, Book One of the series

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