Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Protectors: H for Handwriting

H for Handwriting
After a long day, Sierra thinks about the letters she and Evan have been writing back and forth.

After pulling her curtains closed, she lay down and close her eyes. She couldn’t wait until tomorrow, when she could get out of this castle and spend time with normal people again. Especially Evan.

She suddenly remembered the letter he’d given her yesterday when they’d parted ways. She pulled it out of her trunk. The two of them had been writing letters ever since Seth and Sashe’s wedding. Even though most of his proclaimed his love for her, she enjoyed reading them and writing him back. It was one more way for them to celebrate each other and their friendship. Friendship. Nothing more.

~Fire and Light, the second prequel novella (again, this is pre-publication so anything can still change!)

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